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Deep in the heart of the Cardano network, 10,000 viruses prepare their attack on Web3.0. The viruses are preprogramed to search for only one thing, priceless NFT's and DeFi institutions. Mutating their way through Web3.0, the viruses are set to airdrop to their masters whatever they shall find, but also potentially change their own image along the way.

Is there anything that can stop them?

mob mob mob mob mob mob

Show Me My SuperVirus

Show Me My Virus


Community drops at set milestones of sales, Super Virus airdrops and community giveaways. Check out the road map to see how it all works.


After 10% Minted

Mutant Ape Yacht Clubs giveaway

After 25% Minted

Mutant Ape Yacht Clubs giveaway

After 50% Minted

Mutant Ape Yacht Clubs giveaway



After 75% Minted

Mutant Ape Yacht Clubs giveaway

After 100% Minted

Mutant Ape Yacht Clubs giveaway

Begin Phase 2

See below for details



Super Virus Airdrops!

2 weeks after 100% mint has been achieved, all wallets holding Viruses will be solidified in time.

3 weeks after 100% mint has been achieved, wallets holding pairs of Viruses will be airdopped a Super Virus per pair.

Anyone holding 2 Viruses in the same wallet will receive an Airdrop of a Super Virus! These Super Viruses will have lots of variation, some extremely rare pieces to hunt for and just between me and you.... some may even have Baby Virus Pets! (As cute as they can be.... for mutated Viruses trying to wipe out Web3.0).

Date TBC


Viruses relentlessly spread and infect with devastating efficiency. Resistance is almost futile if it wasn’t for their dreaded nemesis: Antibodies! Adorable, anarchistic, angelic, killerific, much needed Viral Antibodies. Loveable Virus killers who never take their eye off the prize, defending all systems, from biological to Web3.0.

Date TBC

Super Antibodies!

How could a normal antibody go toe to toe with a Super Virus? "Life finds a way", and that's what Antibodies will do, bring on the Super Antibodies!

Date TBC


What happens when you hold both Antibodies and Viruses in the same wallet?! They can't get along, can they? More to come ;).

Date TBC

Community Driven

There are thousands of ideas of where our community would like this to go.
So, for now, our roadmap has no end. It will collect additions along the way and will be continually added to, depending on where the community wants to steer this ship.
What's the best way to create value? Do we want to infect other sets? Do we want more sets? More interactions? More infections?
Any ideas you have, make sure you pass them along to the development team in the discord (link below). We are more than happy to facilitate and put it in the suggestions for others to vote on.

Future Development

Join our Dicord community. Our community is shaping where this project is heading. More exciting reveals to come!

Join the discussion with fellow pathogens


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The Team

The team of head pathogens...

Head virus 1
Zac - Programmer

Head of all that is technical.

Head virus 1
Elaine - Designer

Head of all that you see and some that you can't.

Head virus 1
Lauren - Marketing

Head of getting it out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I need to mint?
  • You will need a Cardano wallet, we suggest either or

  • Will the art be hidden until max mint?
  • No, considering the amount of projects that have failed to release their art to the community, or launches that have been ruined by Metadata problems, your art will be revealed as soon as your CNFT is minted.

  • Where did the Viruses come from?
  • Cyberspace/Space/Mutations? Who knows?! All we know is their target, Web3.0

  • How does the giveaway work?
  • Please see our giveaway section in the Discord..


Join the discussion with fellow pathogens